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Wheatstone LNG Plant Project

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Wheatstone LNG Plant – multi-stage project

We were contracted to complete a demanding scope of works on the Chevron Wheatstone Project from 2013–2016. We needed to design a range of shade structures to be installed at multiple stages of the LNG plant’s construction.

Complex project required flexibility

This project was complex in many ways. We went through a rigorous process to become a Chevron project supplier. We met the stringent safety standards and completed all inductions to enable us to work on the Wheatstone project.

As well as applying the highest standards of design, manufacture and installation, we needed the flexibility to align with the stages of construction. This meant being available to complete the works over multiple stages and being ‘on call’ as the work progressed.

Project completed under extreme conditions – 100% incident free

The Wheatstone onshore facility is located 12 km west of Onslow on the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. We completed installation of our structures in extremely adverse conditions while maintaining the quality West Coast Shade is renowned for.

Our commitment to delivering excellent products and customer service for this project meant we consistently exceeded the client’s expectations. Not only were we on time and on budget, but we were 100% incident free over three years of work.

Like many of our clients, Chevron was so happy with the success of this project that they engaged us for further work on other sites.

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